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3-Card Poker Rules

Three card poker (also called tricard poker) is a poker-based game that has recently become popular in American casinos. It actually consists of two separate games, Pairplus and ante-and-play. The players can choose to play either or both of the games.

Pairplus is a simple bet on the cards with a payout for all hands of a pair or better. See the payout scale below:

  • Straight flush (pays 40 to 1)
  • Three of a kind (pays 30 to 1)
  • Straight (pays 6 to 1)
  • Flush (pays 4 to 1)
  • Pair (pays 1 to 1)

For ante-and-play, the player places an ante bet before receiving his cards. With this information, the player can fold his cards and lose the ante bet, or raise by placing out a bet of equal money to the ante bet. If he chooses to play, there are several possibilities.

  • The dealer does not qualify: To qualify, the dealer must have a hand of a queen high or better. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet is paid out even money, but the play bet is simply returned.
  • The dealer does qualify: The player wins if his hand is of higher value than the dealer's, and gets paid out even money on both his ante and play bets. If the dealer's hand is of higher value, the dealer takes the ante and play bets. When the hands are of exactly equal value, the player simply gets his money back.

In addition to normal ante-and-play gameplay, there is a bonus payout on the ante bet for especially good hands.

  • Straight flush (pays 5 to 1)
  • Three of a kind (pays 4 to 1)
  • Straight (pays 1 to 1)

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