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How It Works?

At Sun City Casino, we live by one philosophy: “If you’re worried about how things are going at your party, then they’re not going the right way.

It is this philosophy that we use to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. From proper preparation before your party begins to closing your party down at the end of the night, we strive to bring you the best service possible. How do we do this?



From your initial contact with us, you are assigned a personal party manager to handle your party. This will be your single point of contact throughout delivering your perfect party.

This party manager will have several tips on how to make your party a huge success. These tips include maximizing profits from a fundraiser, ensuring everyone is included in a corporate event, and making the smallest house party seem like a huge Vegas event.

Your party manager will contact you one month before your party and then again ten days before to clarify any changes and offer some last-minute tips.



You will be assigned a delivery crew to set up your party. The delivery crew will include your pit boss for the night to extinguish any last-minute fires.

Our pit bosses are highly trained to do everything in their power to ensure your party succeeds.

A delivery time will be pre-arranged so you’ll know when to expect the delivery crew to be there. This varies with the size of the party.


Party Time

The moment has finally arrived! This is when you will truly feel the Sun City Experience. This experience starts with the polite, friendly, and very helpful dealers and your pit boss, who is still working hard to ensure everyone is having a blast.

Your guests will experience custom-made Vegas-style gaming tables with bumpers for that authentic Vegas look.