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We want to make your fundraiser a huge success. To achieve maximum results, we recommend the following:



This is the most important aspect of a successful fundraiser. Fundraisers fail most when they are put together at the last minute. We recommend allowing at least three months of planning to achieve your desired results.

Pre-Sale, Pre-Sale, Pre-Sale!

This cannot be stressed enough. The biggest failure for a fundraiser is expecting a large door sale; door sales usually only account for 5% of your total income.

Wet their Whistle!

Give your guests just enough play money to get started. We usually suggest $100 in play money. This way, you can sell more play money to those that run out. Typically you would sell another $100 in play money for $10-$20 in real money.
The key to ensuring you have a large re-sale is to have people floating around the casino re-selling play money. This works much better than having one central location buying all the scripts.

Boost the sale of play money by offering discounts throughout the night. For instance: every hour, announce that for the next 5 minutes, your guests will receive $200 in play money for the same $10-20 dollar donation.


Host a Cash Bar!

You can sell drink tickets up front for drinks. Make this simple: soda, beer, wine, and maybe one specialty drink. You don’t want to be stuck with alcohol at the night’s end. This is a very big draw.


Last but not least, get local businesses to sponsor tables. Local businesses are always looking for ways to increase their visibility, and what better way than to put a sponsor flyer and possibly some business cards at a table? We’ve found that the best people to ask for donations are real estate agencies and local restaurants.

Silent Auction!

You should also have some silent auctions with donated gift baskets and prizes. You can get prizes donated by calling local businesses and parents.